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Control Surface with 16 100mm touch-sensitive optical Alps motorized faders, V-Pot control over software, plug-in effects and virtual instruments, dedicated push-buttons for fine control of software parameters, tape-style transport controls and ...

On demo

From late september, S16 on demo in Audio.Light Concept. Take no rumors, S16 under your fingers in pro environment. Reveal summing frequency details on Genelec 1038.


Yes we did it! We compare mixdown results from Tube-Tech SSA 2A, SPL MixDream, Folcrom RMS216, Dangerous 2BUS and MA S16. So we carry on with SSL AWS900, Pro Tools and looking forward to put hands on some additional great stuff… Then you will judge it.


Looking for
dealers in USA and Europe. For more info please use Contact form, or get imediat response by calling 381.63.257.364. Retailers welcomed.


Monitoring station. Superior sound quality, more I/O, ergonomical remote and more...


Need more channels - no problem. Sex16, 16ch expander unit for luxury S16 is the one you want. Make your music life easy with 32ch on mixdown. All passive inputs in stereo pairs (yes, we use more and more stereo tracks, ready made loops and synths); direct link to S16. Excellent €/per channel ratio.


September 2005.
We have designed hardware that will enable you to achieve your goal in the analog domain, without the need for an expensive analog console. S16 is passive input, DC summing, cascadable 16-in-2 analog outboard mixer in a 19"/3U format, that can expand any DAW or digital console, with analog stereo summing. For more details go to products page...
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